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March for Justice

What a shame I couldn’t go for yesterday’s march, the turnout was very impressive indeed – an estimated 2000 people including lawyers and members of the general public attended. First there was a gathering at the Palace of Justice:

Palace of Justice Gathering

Some of the buses that were ferrying people (from town I believe) were stopped by police. The dedicated passengers got off and walked an estimated 5km to the Palace. Awesome. Then the 2.5 km walk began at high noon, there’s a picture below to illustrate the size of the procession though I ran it thru a filter to prevent anyone’s face from being recognised :

A very, very long procession

Some time after they reached it started raining, but still most of the protestors put up with it and waited for the Bar Council representatives to deliver the memorandum. No FRU spraying the crowd, or arrests made or government moles starting riots – perhaps the government has learned a lesson after what happened recently in Terengganu?

*Update 30th September 2007* – NST has published a report on the march (link)


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