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Govt Help Pending Definition

Govt will help panel in video clip probe

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will assist the independent panel investigating the controversial “Lingam” video clip in whatever way it can, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz yesterday.

“We will assist but first we have to establish what type of protection these people want,” he said at a press conference in Parliament House.

“If it is anonymity, it can be arranged. If it is security, it can be arranged, but we have to know.”

Nazri said the cabinet decided on this at its meeting yesterday.

“If the panel faces difficulties in concluding investigations, it could submit a report to us and we will assist in whatever way possible.”

He said if the panel had difficulty getting those behind the video clip to come forward to be interviewed, it could ask for the government’s help.


Nazri said the agency, the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers were assisting the panel with its investigation.

He urged PKR officials to co-operate with the panel.

– quoted from an article published in NST on 11th October 2007 (link)

Lets see, he wants the witnesses to come forward and is willing to offer protection BUT he wants to hear what type of protection is desired first. So the impression I get is that he expects the witness to just expose him/herself without any guarantee of protection? Is this his ideal outcome:

Boss, I am the Whistle Blower. But before I give my name I would like to request anonymity, security and a new face. Hey why are those guards approaching me? What are you doing? Aaah..mmmmfff *muffled*

Event A = Protection guaranteed to witness
Event B = Witness reveals him/herself

It has been well established that B will only come after A, hence the call for a Royal Commission. Why try to reverse the order of events? Sounds like more delaying tactics so that the panel deadline will come up and they will be ‘forced’ to say there is insufficient evidence due to non-cooperation of certain parties.

The panel members have already said they will not call any witnesses to take statements. So PKR officials have been co-operating 100% with the panel haven’t they? Isn’t the ACA an independent entity? Nazri should be asking PKR officials to co-operate with the ACA, but he didn’t – another slip of the tongue perhaps?

I am surprised that this minister is talking so much about what the panel is doing and whether they need help and so on, when surely Tan Sri Haidar can speak for himself, he is in charge of the independent panel after all. It is not like they have closed themselves off from the press since the start.

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October 11, 2007 at 3:44 am

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