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Bored Panel

Panel on video clip has still not heard from anyone

KUALA LUMPUR: After three weeks, not a single person has got in touch with the secretariat of the independent panel to shed light into the authenticity of a video clip allegedly detailing a conversation about judicial appointments between a judge and a lawyer.

Panel chairman Tan Sri Haidar Mohamad Noor said the secretariat in Putrajaya had not called him.

“I suppose no one has come forward to assist us,” he said.

(cut) …

Haidar said panel members would meet ACA officials on Oct 29.

“Hopefully, they would have completed their probe into whether the video clip was doctored,” he said, adding that the panel was not bound to accept the findings of the ACA.

He said this was the reason the panel was hoping that those who had knowledge of the video could enlighten them.

“Anyone who has witnessed the recording can come forward to give details like who recorded it and what type of equipment was used.”

Haidar said such information, coupled with the technical evidence obtained by the ACA, could assist the panel to come to a logical conclusion.

The panel has until Nov 8 to submit its findings to the government but Haidar said it could ask for an extension.

“We could ask for a second opinion on the tape if we are dissatisfied with the ACA investigation.”

– quoted from an article published in NST on 18th October 2007 (link)

Well its good to read that the ambiguous word ‘authentic’ has been thrown out. So it is clear they are checking the technical accuracy of the video. The panel did not call anyone to record statements since they are relying on the ACA. Their deadline is apparently extendable too. What have the panel members been up to since their initial meeting? All they have done so far is ask Whistle Blower or anyone who knows Whistle Blower to come forward. What kind of statement is, “I suppose no one has come forward to assist us”? When they said they weren’t calling anyone did that include the ACA and secretariat too? I’m sorry, I’m being nitpicky 😉

It looks like by next month either :

  1. The video is found technically accurate and VK Lingam is sued for defamation, maybe gets away with paying a fine
  2. The video is found to be tampered with (which is true, it is partial footage) and dismissed

In either case Fairuz gets away.

Nobody’s Home

Idle Panel


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