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UMNO General Assembly

I was going to write a lot about this year’s assembly, probably some comics too. But honestly speaking, there was just so much nonsense being spouted by the people at the assembly that I realised – why waste my time? I’d probably sprain my hand drawing comics too.

It is a racist party – despite Khairy saying it is not, it cannot help it. Its members frequently quote a Malay Agenda, not a Malaysian Agenda. UMNO is racist by design, there is no changing that, ditto for MIC and MCA. Racists do not belong in this world, they are an obstacle to human progress.

The defense of the still new tradition (started in 2005) of the brandishing of the keris, Najib saying it is ok by speaking of a time when Tunku Abdul Rahman unsheathed, kissed and thrust the keris towards the sky – what nonsense. Top ranking UMNO leaders who have brandished the keris and threatened to bathe it in Chinese/non-Malay blood have no business being Malaysian politicians, yet they remain in power today.

So many racist remarks and poorly reasoned statements, like this one from Kedah Umno rep Kamal Saidin  :

“At the dining table, the Chinese place on their plate what they want from the common dishes before they start eating. But the Malays are polite, they finish one dish first before going for some more food. By the time, the food on the table is already gone.”

Maybe things are done differently in your household sir, but I have never seen Malays eat one dish at a time – they take what they want, put it on their plate and eat it. No different from how you describe the Chinese.

How about this call by Puteri Umno delegate,  Norhamizah Mat Tahir to take action against those who inflame racial sentiments :

“These racial issues are a threat to the country’s unity and stability by stoking the fires of hatred and anger. This could destroy everything we have worked for.

“We urge the president to take harsh action against them. Puteri will support any punitive action taken against such groups or individuals.”

Puteri UMNO supports harsh action against UMNO itself? What dissidents!

I found Najib’s veiled insult of his wife to be quite amusing – basically he mentioned the method of speaking to the baby while it is still in the womb but he couldn’t because his ‘factory had shut down’ and ‘application for a new factory is definitely rejected’. Nice of you to bring up your wife’s menopause and your prevention of getting another wife sir.

Lastly, a quote from Hishamuddin Onn regarding the freedom of the Internet :

“But with this freedom, must come responsibility. Unfortunately, today there are some well-off and rich Malays who have never experienced the hardship and suffering of the rakyat but who use the present openness to criticise.

“To this group, I wish to remind that the popularity that you pursue based on sensational issues will not last long. If they want to be part of the process of making policies, enter the arena.”

Sir, I believe that there are plenty of well-off and rich Malays in the top ranks of UMNO who have not experienced the hardship and suffering of being poor. I have, I know what it is like to be so poor that I cannot afford to buy food every day – having a few dollars to your name really teaches you how important money is.


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November 10, 2007 at 3:49 am

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