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MCA Supports Common Sense

Cabinet’s decision shows transparency, says Ong

KUALA LUMPUR: The setting up of a royal commission to investigate the “Lingam” video clip was approved by the government to show its transparency on the issue, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

Ong had attended last Wednesday’s cabinet meeting where the reports by the three-member panel investigating the authenticity of the clip was reviewed.

Ong said that all ministers present at the meeting supported the decision.

“We all felt that a royal commission was necessary.

“The cabinet felt it should be really transparent in handling the video clip issue.

“The government has nothing to hide and we want the royal commission to get to the bottom of the whole thing,” Ong said after officiating the World of Chinese Books Fair at Mines Resort yesterday.

The video clip in question showed a purported telephone conversation between lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam and a senior judge discussing judicial appointments.

Ong also said three ministers had been tasked to oversee the formation of the royal commission but their roles would be limited to giving their input.

“All MCA ministers also believe that having a royal commission to look into the video clip issue is the right move,” he said.

– quoted from an article published in NST on 18th November 2007 (link)

How lame of MCA to suddenly endorse the setting up of a royal commission. Datuk Seri, where were you in the last couple of months? What a sycophant.

Wasn’t it reported previously that the Haidar Report was not reviewed in cabinet, but instead a copy was given to each minister for discussion next week? Nazri himself said on Wednesday and Thursday that he had not seen the report – well, maybe he is not really a cabinet minister 😉

I am a bit curious which ‘three ministers’ he is referring to though, and what role exactly do they play in deciding who the members of the royal commission will be. I hope its not the same trio picked to provide legal input, because Nazri is one of them and his sense of logic is really flawed.


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