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VK Lingam Makes The Headlines

Looks like the government is going all out to draw public attention away from more important issues (like the BERSIH rally and the upcoming HINDRAF memorandum delivery?) and instead focus on VK Lingam. Even The Star finally spilled out the same details NST had been ballsy enough to print weeks ago. Lets look at the major events of the week, there has been too much for me to do my usual day by day post.

Nov 19th (Monday)

  • VK Lingam dismisses the allegations made by his brother by saying ACA already investigated and dismissed them in 1998. (link)
  • The police report made by V. Thirunama Karasu (VK Lingam’s brother) will be referred to the ACA. (link)
  • Both NST and The Star ran this story on the frontpage the next day.

Nov 20th (Tuesday)

  • V. Thirunama gives his statement to ACA. Claims he is not Whistle Blower. (link)
  • DPM Najib states that the Cabinet will discuss the Royal Commission’s terms of reference, scope of power and members on the 21st. (link)

Nov 21st (Wednesday)

  • The Cabinet did not discuss the Royal Commission at all and instead decided to postpone it to next week so that the PM would be able to attend. (link)
  • VK Lingam seen entering ACA hq, presumably to give a statement. (link)
  • ACA reopens investigation into corruption allegations against VK Lingam based on new leads provided by his brother. (link)
  • VK Lingam claims his brother is a suicidal psychiatric patient and claims to have medical documents to prove it. (link)
  • ACA records a statement from a judge in his 70s (not Fairuz) regarding one of the VK Lingam corruption charges.  (link)

Nov 22nd (Thursday)

  • ACA clears VK Lingam of all but one graft allegation. (link)
  • The Bar Council held an extraordinary general meeting and passed a resolution to call the judiciary to support the Royal Commission investigating the Lingam video clip. The previous resolution to boycott the courts for an hour on a specified date was adjourned to March in light of the RC formation. (link)

What’s interesting is that since the spotlight is not on Fairuz at all, it looks like my earlier prediction might be right after all – VK Lingam as a scapegoat, case closed.


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