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ACA Confirms VK Lingam Video Location

Living room in video clip same as the one in lawyer’s house

KUALA LUMPUR: The living room featured in the V.K. Lingam video clip is the same as the one in the lawyer’s house in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.


Continuing her testimony, Supt Chuah said she instructed ACA Senior Asst Supt Shahadan Mohd Yatim to take photographs of the living room at Datuk V.K. Lingam’s house in Kelana Jaya where she herself had been to.

She confirmed that 17 screenshots from the video, which were displayed one by one in a slideshow on four large plasma TV screens in the courtroom, were similar to the 17 photographs taken by her subordinate.

In conclusion, Supt Chuah said, the video clip featured the same place that was photographed.

To a question by Lingam’s counsel R. Thayalan, the witness confirmed that the video clip she received was a copy and not the original clip itself.

At the end of yesterday’s proceedings, Ranjit Singh – counsel for the Malaysian Bar – told the commission that he would like to compare Supt Chuah’s transcript with the one prepared “meticulously” by the Bar to ensure that the wordings were accurate.

– quoted from an article published in The Star on 15th January 2008 (link)

As for the images, here are the ones published in The Star – its quite obvious its the same room, check out the picture on the wall:

VK Lingam Living Room Comparison

Why VK Lingam didn’t start renovation of his house in September, I have no idea… sure it would make him look suspicious but at least it would make his denial that the man in the video is him less daft don’t you think? Is he so arrogant so as to not even bother desperate acts like that?

Other things worth noting:

  • Thayalan ascertaining for the record that the original video clip was not received by the ACA official, probably laying groundwork for a defence stating that without the original the video clip could be a forgery
  • The Bar comparing their transcript with the one done by ACA, does that imply that the ACA will need to change theirs to match the Bar’s? That can’t be it, it would be improper for them to be influenced by the Bar Council so I guess its just for the Bar’s reference

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