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Lingam RC Day 2

Loh Mui Fah took to the witness stand on the 15th January 2008 (2nd day of the Inquiry). NST ran a fairly long article which can be found here. I’ll attempt to summarise:

  • Loh Mui Fah was not aware that the conversation was being recorded by his son’s video camera and was not aware of its existence until its release to the media
  • Thayalan attempted to throw doubt on Loh’s recollection of events, trying to link it to the video clip but Loh stood firm by his memory, saying it was clear even without the video
  • The telephone conversation recorded was stated by Loh to have taken place on the night of December 20th, 2001 at Lingam’s house (7pm onwards)
  • Lingam represented Loh in a court case and they were to discuss legal matters there
  • Thayalan pointed out a photo of Lingam, Manjit Singh and Loh seated near a coffee table and asked how many bottles of liquor there were. At this point Tan Sri Haidar asked whether the question was necessary and it went unanswered, Thayalan saying he would reserve that question for Gwo Burne (Whistle Blower?)
  • VK Lingam’s sister was present that night
  • VK Lingam told Loh that he was speaking to Ahmad Fairuz
  • Loh is unaware of who released the video clip
  • VK Lingam invited Loh to his house as he was always too busy at the office to discuss their legal matters
  • VK Lingam received many calls that night

Wee Choo Keong applied for VK Lingam’s brother, Karasu to appear as a witness because his testimony would show the close relationship between VK Lingam and Tun Eusoff Chin. (Article here)

Thayalan also stated to the RC that VK Lingam’s comment on the video was, “It looks like me and sounds like me”. (Article here)

Lots of details given for that night, which is good. It is not clear why VK Lingam is not admitting that he is the person in the videoclip though, given that it has been confirmed by ACA that the video was taken in his living room. Either that or a very good replica of his room. Should be interesting trying to figure out VK Lingam’s defense plan as the hearings continue.


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