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VK Lingam Video Part 3

Anwar released another video of VK Lingam today, apparently given to him by Whistle Blower on 25 January 2008. I think it is safe to say that Gwo Burne is not Whistle Blower, though he never claimed or denied having unreleased videos of VK Lingam in his possession (no such direct question was asked). Here is the video:


A lot of the dialogue is Lingam referring to how judicial appointments work in the Constitution. I found other snippets worth commenting on:

Lingam: But between you and me. We have taken Dzaiddin for dinner three times.

[Voice off-camera]: Three times already.

Lingam: And we have given him the most expensive gift. Don’t ask about it lah. I have given him and Vincent Tan has given him. So, he also cannot attack us. Tomorrow we go say we give you this this this. He cannot go and say you are a agent. Correct or not? So, he is neither here nor there lah. That’s all.

[Voice off-camera]: But… Chief Justice..

Lingam: But in the court when I argue with him. He said, Datuk Lingam you said you will take one hour. I said, my Lord, it is only 50 minutes, I got another 10 minutes. But…I appreciate. Thank you, thank you… He is very nice with me, very polite with me. I have been sending cakes every hari raya. Vincent has been sending. He can’t go and say he is very clean, correct or not?

[Voice off-camera]: But then he is…

Lingam: But he is playing his game lah. He got the job, that’s it. Now, September he is finished that’s all. Make sure he is not extended.

[Voice off-camera]: But, he may ask for extension.

Lingam: He is hoping… he told somebody that he likes the job very much. Then he likes…Let him dream lah.

In short, Chief Justice Dzaiddin Abdullah who was Chief Justice from 2000 – 2003 had been receiving gifts from VK Lingam and Vincent Tan. VK Lingam also implied that due to these gifts prevent Dzaiddin from rejecting his proposals. That’s clearly bribery. Unfortunately like the original video, it can also be explained away as boasting.

It appears that Lingam is saying that next September Dzaiddin would be stepping down unless he got an extension. A CJ can get 6 month’s extension only, yet Dzaiddin was CJ from 2000 – 2003. Does that mean this video was recorded in 2002? Lingam does appear to be wearing the same shirt as in the 2001 video though.

Nobody should know I know you. Then you can help more. But people, see you know more, like Eusoff Chin, because I met him in New Zealand, became a problem. But if I didn’t meet him in New Zealand, it’s a… no problem. Correct or not? Unfortunate.

[Voice off-camera]: Then, in your…then they said you have taken photograph with him holidaying in…huh…huh…

Lingam: But unfortunately, I didn’t know. The worst thing I didn’t know Eusoff Chin put his hand like that! Alamak…so…I also didn’t know about it. What to do?

This portion of the conversation actually supports Lingam’s and Eusoff’s statements to the RC that they just happened to meet up in NZ. Also that Eusoff Chin was a bit touchy feely 😛

I know their NZ trip was publicised in 2000 and there was ACA investigation etc. So the ‘we bumped into each other’ story could have been cooked up before 2000. But to maintain that lie in the privacy of his own home, while spewing out lots of other things which should remain secret forever … VK Lingam, you are indeed an impressive liar sir.

The two of you know you can’t be seen together, yet Eusoff is inviting Lingam for Raya open house? Such good friends 🙂

I believe the person VK Lingam was speaking to is Loh Mui Fah (looks like him), also since Lingam used his name as an example while explaining the recommendation of judges’ names for promotion. There is something interesting about the fact that this separate video exists though:

  1. Gwo Burne testified that he had accidentally left the camera actively recording video, sat down on the chair/couch while reading a book
  2. He also testified that the video was a single recording from start to finish, implying that he had pressed the stop button or the recording ended on its own after the memory card was full

Now we have a separate video, in the same room. Did Gwo Burne just happen to press the start button again later? He does appear to be sitting in the same spot as the previous video, with a good view of Lingam. The camera was very steady, and even turned to keep Lingam in view when he stood up and walked to the other man. I reviewed the previously released video again and Gwo Burne zoomed in and out while accidentally recording. Isn’t that is a bit suspicious? Gwo Burne and his father Loh Mui Fah should testify again to confirm whether this new video was taken before the previously released one, or after, and how it came to be recorded in the first place.

The previous video had a Panel set up to confirm it before a Royal Commission could be formed, whose title focused entirely on said video. Are we to go through that process all over again? Somehow I feel that the RC will reject this video and reprimand Anwar (as Whistle Blower is still unknown) since they have previously referred to their title to escape responsibility – Commission of Inquiry of the Video Clip Recording of Images of a Person Purported to be an Advocate and Solicitor Speaking on the Telephone on Matters Regarding the Appointment of Judges Under The Commissions of Inquiry Act 1950.

There was no image of a telephone in this video 😉


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January 28, 2008 at 10:03 pm

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