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Ahmad Fairuz Testifies to the RC Part 2

Ahmad Fairuz was questioned again by lawyers at the RC yesterday, strangely enough it was mostly a repeat of what he had said the day before. The following articles were published on 30th January 2008:

NST (link)
The Star (link)

The Star’s article proved more interesting. Fairuz stated it was improper for a lawyer and judge to go on holiday together. Wee Choo Keong also got to confront Fairuz, I wonder how it feels to confront the man who prevented him from becoming MP?

Wee continued with his question on the election petition filed to nullify him as the MP for Bukit Bintang in 1995.

He pointed out that if Ahmad Fairuz had decided based on facts and law, why was it that he singularly elected a losing candidate – Dr Lee Chong Meng – to fill the vacancy left by him (Wee) when there were two other people listed as petitioners.

Wee: That’s why Lingam said you suffered so much.

Haidar: The question has been answered. He already said the decision was based on facts and law.

Wee: I’m asking a few questions. Why Tan Sri finds it so difficult? I’m going to ask him a few questions and then I’m going to sit down.

Haidar: Based on my experience sitting here for the last 10 days …

Wee (smiling): I thought we made up already, Tan Sri?

Haidar (also smiling): Be careful with your choice of words (amid laughter).

To Wee’s earlier question, Ahmad Fairuz said he could not remember whether there were two other petitioners besides Dr Lee.

Wee: I say that there are three candidates.

Ahmad Fairuz: If you say so.


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