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Vincent Tan Testifies to the RC

Tan Sri Vincent Tan took the witness stand yesterday. The following related articles were published on 30th January 2008:

NST (link)
The Star (link)


  1. First knew Lingam in the 1970s during his tenure as unit manager at American International Assurance
  2. Lost touch with Lingam then renewed it when Lingam represented him in legal matters
  3. Described Lingam as a diligent lawyer
  4. His relationship with Lingam was not very close
  5. Stated that the man in the video looks like Lingam and sounds like Lingam but not 100% sure it is him
  6. Did not bother to lodge a police report over the clip as he was busy and it was pointless
  7. Did not know if Lingam or Eusoff Chin had numbers registered with Digi
  8. Denied influencing Tun Mahathir to appoint Tun Ahmad Fairuz as President of The Court of Appeal
  9. First knew Dr Mahathir in the early 1980s when he brought McDonald’s to Malaysia
  10. First met Tengku Adnan sometime in the 1980s or 1990s via a member of the Pahang royal family
  11. Will be re-evaluating his professional relationship with Lingam

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