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Fong Po Kuan, Incumbent Again?

SurprisedFong Po Kuan suddenly decided to come back yesterday, and frankly speaking I’m confused.

First she quits in a bad way, citing internal squabbling instead of picking a more diplomatic route of ‘wanting to settle down and start a family’.

Lim Guan Eng shames her by saying, ‘we might lose Batu Gajah’. Though since I read that DAP want to sue the press for misreporting, maybe Guan Eng didn’t say this *shrugs*.

Then her close friend Chong Eng announces that Fong wanted to quit in 2004 and life is very difficult for them as minority party women MPs.

Then Fong tells the press she is avoiding phone calls from DAP. Whatever happened to telling the press, ‘no comment’? You know how bad it must be if she’s not even picking up the phone when Kit Siang calls? Really bad.

In any case, this is in the past, time to move on. At least now DAP is pretty much guaranteed a safe seat, and Po Kuan … 4 more years of intense stress? Hopefully things improve internally in DAP post-election.

Drama Pros

  1. Stole a lot of column inches in the papers that could have been used for promoting BN?
  2. Brings to light the dedication that Po Kuan has to the people of Batu Gajah

Drama Cons

  1. Makes DAP look disorganised and disunited
  2. Makes Po Kuan look like she was pressed into service, both in 2004 and now

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Written by ak57

February 23, 2008 at 5:41 pm

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