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Loh Duo Enter Politics

KUALA LUMPUR: Loh Mui Fah and his son Gwo Burne, who were star witnesses in the recently concluded Lingam video clip inquiry, will stand in the general election on opposition tickets.Mui Fah said discussions were still under way to determine which seat and under what banner he would contest.”The seat will be finalised by tomorrow (today) but it will definitely be on a DAP or Parti Keadilan Rakyat ticket,” said the 58-year-old businessman.Gwo Burne will meet Datuk Lee Hwa Beng for the Kelana Jaya seat in Selangor.Mui Fah said he and his son decided to enter the polls following calls from opposition leaders and the public over the past week.

Gwo Burne, 34, a consultant, said he was to have left for China soon after Chinese New Year, but could not resist the call to offer himself as a candidate for the election.

The father and son said their campaign would touch on corruption, the current state of the judiciary, lack of ministerial responsibility, urban poverty, the rising cost of living and the crime rate.

– quoted from an article published in NST on 23rd February 2008 (link)

SurprisedAnother surprise. From their testimony previously, I understood them to be innocent bystanders, witnessing the crime of corruption. Gwo Burne’s involvement is still a mystery to me, because:

  1. He claimed the recording was accidental
  2. He claimed that the recording was not edited, meaning he pressed record, hit stop, and the 14 minute video that got released was the entirety of it
  3. Yet the third video proves that Gwo Burne ‘accidentally’ recorded Lingam again, possibly before the alleged phone call from Fairuz (more details). Two accidents?

Gwo Burne denied having anything to do with the release of the video, implying that as he left copies of the video all over the place, someone else might have taken it. Now he is running for PKR, I guess after seeing the farce of the Royal Commission. What is he going to tell his boss if he wins though?

Gwo Burne: Hey boss, I have to go back to KL to testify in court.

Boss: Oh..umm..ok but make sure you come back here and settle your work.

(weeks later)

Gwo Burne: Hey boss, I quit!

Boss: What the ???

Gwo Burne: Yeah, I’m a politician now sorry.

Boss: (speechless)


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February 23, 2008 at 5:47 pm

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