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Nurul Izzah’s Nomination

Nurul Izzah’s ArrivalA friend informed me late last night about a PKR march in Bangsar to the nomination centre at 7am. Since I was quite active in Lembah Pantai during the 1999 elections, I decided to head on down and join them.

7.30 am

People started showing up at McDonalds Bangsar. It was a nice, quiet chilly morning, with streets so deserted its almost as though every person standing about was a PKR supporter. I did spot a crowd of people wearing white t-shirts at the foot of the road, in front of Bangsar Village 1 – apparently they were Shahrizat’s supporters.

8.15 am

Flags and signs were handed out, we were told to gather at BP (behind McDonalds).

8.24 am

Nurul Izzah and her entourage arrive.

8.40+ am

We begin our march, sign bearers to the front, flag bearers bringing up the rear.

9.00 am

We arrive at the sports complex (nomination centre).

9.10+ am

Anwar Ibrahim shows up, walks through the crowd of PKR supporters waiting outside the sports complex. I left at 9.30 am, had other matters to attend to.


Well I can say it was a fun experience, though if I hadn’t carried a sign then I could have taken more interesting pictures. No doubt party photographers will have them online soon enough though. It was good to meet up with the leader of our 1999 PKR Lembah Pantai team, thankfully he is taking part this time around too so I might still be able to reconnect with the rest of our old gang.

Crowd at BP
Crowd of ladies

See the old lady on the far left with the crutch? She marched with us too, now that’s dedication!

PKR Peace Keepers

These guys reminded me of the Unit Amal chaps from the Bersih Rally.

Being in a mob

This is my point of view while being part of the march, poor visibility combined with two poles (one sign, one flag) did give me insight of what it feels like to be a medieval herald. Throughout our journey there were passionate cries of Reformasi and such, and much flag waving and sign thrusting.

I did notice something odd. While marching there was a long line of motorcycles making their way thru our crowd. A majority of the riders wore black t-shirts with red circle on the back, a circle bordered by 2 scimitars and the letters BA, BN or BR in the middle (it was a tough font to read). All the bikes had PKR flags. This is odd because the t-shirts indicate ‘gangsters’, not something any political party would affiliate themselves with. The other riders wore white shirts. The same white shirts worn by the BN supporters. So chances are these motorcyclists are there to make PKR look bad. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures, having my hands full at the time 😦

The BN Side

The distance separating us

I wanted to see what the BN crowd was like so I walked outside our perimeter to get across to their side of the street. You see for our own security the PKR and BN supporters were kept behind roadblocks near the entrance to the sports complex. After leaving my PKR stuff behind it was an easy matter to get inside their mob and take pics.

Shahrizat’s Mob

There were loads of people there, at least 1.5 times the PKR group. But there’s one big difference. They lacked passion, they lacked spirit. The vast majority of them were milling about, while only the few in front waved their flags and sang a few verses from an old BN song. Compare that with the much larger number of PKR people who would shout slogans every so often from their side of the street.

I found it interesting that the crowd was split almost evenly between Malays and Indians. I guess it would disappoint HINDRAF supporters to see that so many Indians still support BN. There was also a large number of young teenagers, compared with the mostly middle aged and older crowd of PKR supporters. PKR’s supporters were also mostly Malay. Both groups of people had no more than a few Chinese supporters, I suppose that explains why most of the BN bunting hanging from the telephone poles were written in Chinese.

I’m not sure whether I will have much time to help out with Lembah Pantai this time around, will see how things go this week.

Update (12.32 pm)

Just found out from Malaysia Votes that an independent is running against Shahrizat and Nurul Izzah. Bad news indeed, why would this person split the anti-BN vote? Sigh.


Written by ak57

February 24, 2008 at 11:57 am

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