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Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint

Elizabeth Wong @ CentrepointElizabeth Wong and Sivarasa Rasiah launched their Mobile Keadilan campaign today at Centrepoint at 10.15 AM. They along with their throng of supporters campaigned at the following areas:

  • BU 11/16, Bandar Utama Buddhist Society
  • The Curve
  • Bandar Sri Damansara

They (minus Sivarasa who had an appointment elsewhere) returned to Centrepoint at 2 PM to meet and greet locals who were there. Also present to lend a hand were En.Hassan and Nasir Hj Jaini, residents of Kampung Kayu Ara that we had met previously.

Response was quite good, many residents appeared to be pro-Opposition or at least anti-BN. One woman listed out the issues she had with Bandar Utama presently:

  1. The rising cost of assessment
  2. The lack of accountability for the assessment money
  3. The burden of the tolls
  4. The traffic jams she endures in the morning due to poor road design and maintenance
  5. The water rate
  6. The fact the the combined increase of assessment and water rate made her flat difficult to rent out

Elizabeth did not hesitate to discuss issues such as these with the residents at great length, and it was obvious that even if their position had not swayed, they did appreciate the concern and attention given.

After covering all the restaurants we then settled down for a late lunch until about 4.30 PM whereupon everyone retired to the Bilik Gerakan.

En. Hassan highlighted the areas of Kampung Kayu Ara left for us to cover, along with the racial distribution for each road. He had gone himself to talk to the residents before but as he was not a candidate he could not convince them to vote Opposition. It is a testament to the dedication he has to the people of the area that he is willing to go door to door, gather demographics and get a feel for the area. Most likely I will be returning there soon to cover the next walkabout.

Elizabeth Wong, Sivarasa Rasiah and supporters
Video of Elizabeth’s speech

More pictures below.

Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint
Elizabeth Wong @ Centrepoint

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March 2, 2008 at 11:33 am

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