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BN Ads Online

I have been suffering from chest paints (with some joint pains in my arms) these past four days so I decided to check online for some home treatments I could use. Can’t risk going to the hospital, too much work (and money) at stake 😦

Yahoo Health

I had heard about BN putting their ads on the Internet last week, but never came across it myself until now. Gosh..this finally prompted me to take a look at the BN website myself and guess what? They stole Barack Obama’s background! Oh how hilarious, BN pays someone to do the site for them and that person just steals the background image from somewhere else.

BN Website

Update 6th March: Turns out the heart pain was caused by me not taking my Vitamin B pills these past two weeks, schedule was so hectic I couldn’t stick to my routine pill taking time and just forgot about it. That and not enough water too. Apparently Vitamin B was very important to balance out side effects of my other medication. A nearly fatal blunder on my part 😦

Written by ak57

March 5, 2008 at 6:48 am

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