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The Results Are In

It took ages for me to get around to writing this – my health problems finally proved too much to bear forcing me to spend most of the past three days in bed recuperating. Nevertheless, the laughter must go on!

Sivarasa Rasiah and Elizabeth WongElection Night

I got to the Bilik Gerakan a bit late, some time after Elizabeth Wong had been declared a winner – not that I was surprised of course, given Yong Dai Ying’s less impressive public presence and lack of even basic things like banners and such. Shortly thereafter (10.30 or 11 PM) we left for the Nomination Centre (some community hall at BU3) to claim victory, but no motorcade as police had banned victory parades. By the way, until today I have no idea what they were claiming, I’m guessing a boring looking government document 😛

When we got there along with Sivarasa Rasiah and his supporters (yes, he won too!), only a limited number of people were allowed into the hall (I think it was candidate + representative + 18 random supporters for them to choose). I decided to wait outside, figuring it wouldn’t take more than an hour.

I was so wrong – scarcely had the doors been closed when the cops told us to leave the compound and wait behind the fence, in the drizzle. PAS/PKR/PSM supporters all waited outside for what felt like ages (just over three hours I think).

The PSM candidate came at one point and didn’t take too long to claim his prize, after which the PSM supporters cheered, sang some song then left. I realised that there were a ton of cops around, the ratio of cop to supporter felt one to one. They looked as bored as we did, poor chaps.

The waiting wasn’t too bad I guess, I managed to chat up a Bangsar resident and found out that there were multiple Residents’ Associations and that they don’t stand up to Shahrizat, or listen to the residents at all! I had heard stories before about Shahrizat ignoring major complaints by her constituents and even the RA one time, so I guess the RA lost whatever teeth they had.

The current hot issue is the relocation of the pasar malam, which from the sounds of it looks like Shahrizat was planning to push it as far as possible from the ‘upper class’ bars and restaurants that pretty much dominate the Telawi area now.

Amusing rumours were flying in…Khir Toyo burning/shredding/stealing documents from his office…unrest in Bangsar…fourteen (14!!!) ballot boxes suddenly discovered in Bangsar. Well that last one turned out to be true, but fortunately did not affect the count of votes.

Where could fourteen boxes magically appear from?

Elections #11

Eventually everyone was allowed inside the hall at 1+ AM which was a great improvement really – well lit, ample seating and shelter from the rain! Apparently there was some ‘technical problems’ with Sivarasa’s vote count, hence the delay. So the SPR official had to leave for the Selangor SPR headquarters to straighten things out.

I got a bit worried really, this sounded like a ploy to sneak in some uncounted boxes or postal votes. We were even locked in ‘for our safety’. We eventually found a way to amuse ourselves, and I even managed to use my notebook to do some cartooning while we waited.

The SPR guy returned at almost 3 AM, and Sivarasa was declared victorious at 3.20 AM.

Sivarasa Rasiah and Elizabeth Wong

No wrap party as I expected, so everyone decided to head back home, apart from a handful who returned to the Bilik Gerakan.

You know what surprised me? Nurul Izzah won! Wow! I have hated Shahrizat for years for various reasons…and now she’s gone! I hope those banners of her devouring a baby are gone next time I drive up Bukit Bandaraya 🙂


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March 12, 2008 at 12:02 am

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