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Post-Election Celebration Dinners

I had the good fortune of attending two dinner functions last weekend – one for Nurul Izzah’s Lembah Pantai team, the other for the PKR/PAS/PSM Subang coalition supporters.

Lembah Pantai Dinner

We started our dinner function around 8.30 PM at Bayu Timor, a restaurant in PJ owned by two members of our 1999 Lembah Pantai team. Quite a nice restaurant actually 🙂 It was a small affair, perhaps 30-40 people almost all of whom were from 1999 so the atmosphere was like a family reunion. Sadly there were a few people that I wanted to meet who didn’t turn up, maybe they had lost touch with hq.

Raja Petra was there as well, which was quite a nice surprise for me. He entertained us for about half an hour while we were waiting for Nurul Izzah to arrive. Some of the things he spoke on were:

  • That some Opposition candidates won because of the people’s desire for change, not individual merit – quote, “The ABU movement – Anyone But UMNO”
  • How Tengku Razaleigh will make a move towards becoming Prime Minister in light of BN’s election losses
  • The real meaning of Barisan Rakyat (which I have written about here)

Nurul Izzah came with her entourage around 10 PM, gave a short thank you speech, then stayed for 15 minutes to individually greet those present before leaving for another function (I’m guessing there were multiple celebration dinners that night heh).

Following that some people left, the rest of us had a nice chat and I heard plenty of interesting stories. It really was a joyous occasion for me because I hadn’t seen many of these people for 8 years; suddenly it was like I’m back at our Shadow President’s house at one of our many 1999 era get-togethers 🙂

I also had a long memorable discussion with Nurul Izzah’s right hand man about campaign strategies and post-campaign strategies. It is always nice to meet someone willing to discuss such things with me. As to what those strategies are, I’m keeping it under my hat of course 😉 Everyone left around 12.45 AM.


I had no idea this function was open to the public, so I was quite surprised to see the huge crowd in the BU3 hall on Sunday night at 8.30 PM. Didn’t see all the volunteers I had met during the campaign though but it was a nice surprise to see the Bandar Utama RA members that I had met at yesterday’s RA meeting, nice chaps 🙂 As expected the three candidates gave thank you speeches to the crowd, after which a buffet dinner followed. I then followed some of the Bilik Gerakan gang to Centerpoint after the crowd had dispersed for a post-makan minum session, think we left at 1 AM.


Written by ak57

March 22, 2008 at 10:53 pm

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