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Nurul Izzah @ Bukit Gasing

A talk was given by the Opposition near Jalan Gasing on Friday, 11th July 2008. The speakers were:

  • Chegubard
  • Ronnie Liu
  • Raja Petra Kamaruddin
  • Nurul Izzah
  • S. Musliadi

The talk was originally to be given in Kampung Kerinchi, but due to police presence I had to do some adventuring to find the new venue – a tale best told in a separate post.

I arrived at 9.40pm to find Ronnie Liu already there, and Chegubard giving a speech on stage. I decided to loiter around outside the hall and chat up fellow PKR people and reporters while waiting for the other speakers to arrive. Police presence was minimal, only one police car nearby though I did see guys on motorbikes openly wielding sheathed parang. I assume they are PKR-affiliated security, but who knows right?

Raja Petra and his wife arrived at 10 pm. Ronnie Liu started speaking to the crowd that had gathered in the hall at 10.20 pm. Nurul Izzah came at 10.30 pm.

All the speeches for the night were in Bahasa Malaysia, in which I’m not very fluent so my apologies in advance for missing details in summaries or any mistranslation.

Ronnie Liu

Ronnie Liu

Ronnie Liu (10.20 pm)

If we had better management of our economy our nation would be stronger and better developed. We need better leaders, clean leaders – not like Pak Altantuya!

Sabah and Sarawak support the idea of joining Pakatan Rakyat, and our promise to them is to give 20% royalty on oil instead of the current 5%. The royalty can be used to further develop the state. The BN politicians in these states know that by joining us, they will become heroes to the people overnight.

We need control of the Federal Government. Despite winning in five states, our hands are still tied – we can’t build hospitals, police stations or post offices without Federal approval!

For the good of the nation, BN MPs should join us. (Closing speech given in Mandarin)

Raja Petra

Raja Petra

Raja Petra (10.40 pm)

I am what people call kay-poh-chee, menyibuk (busy-body). I was on my way earlier to Lembah Pantai to see a battlefield, only to learn that it had been relocated here. I have been asked to speak, so I’ll find something to say.

Why do Muslims go for Friday prayers? It is part of our Fardhu, a requirement for us to pray together in a jemaah (group) at least once a week. Ideally we would pray together five times a day. Praying in a jemaah is important in Islam, because Islam places focus on community. Others are more important than self. That is what Islam is, not what you find in Islam Hadhari!

(Raja Petra then spoke on about Nabi Muhammad’s struggle to spread Islam and how he overcame adversity. Thanks to his efforts Islam has spread worldwide.)

Islam places emphasis on the right to speak out. Only Islam’s enemies try to suppress that right, try to suppress the truth. Those Muslims who behave in this manner are not real Muslims, they are pretenders!

Nurul Izzah

Nurul Izzah

Nurul Izzah (10.50 pm)

I would like to congratulate those of you who were brave enough to come here tonight. I apologise to those who went to Lembah Pantai thinking the talk would be held there, it was not our intention to suddenly shift it here.

I was surprised at the numbers of police that were there to stop us. BN tries so hard to suppress our voice. Even with our victory all we officially get is a debate with their minister on a delayed telecast – presumably delayed to gauge their minister’s performance!

There is a case going on there I do not wish to even mention. Ten years ago they levied the same accusations against my father. We listened to the police, the Attorney General, and what happened? He spent years in jail, without any credible evidence against him!

Now we must fight these accusations. Let us not talk about ‘taking oaths’ when we should be talking about the real issue.

Anwar’s former aides, Nik Nazmi and Sim Tze Tsin are now YBs themselves. They volunteered themselves for the good of the party. Unfortunately this opened the door for opportunists to come in.

This coming Monday, we will resolve a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

When Anwar claims that he will lower the price of petrol BN says that is populism politics. What system is BN using then, politik penipuan (deceiving politics)? When we talk about 20-30 MPs crossing over, they resort to dirty tactics same as in 1998.

Despite promising that the price of petrol will not increase as it is not in their manifesto, BN did increase the price! Then they ask the people to sacrifice, offering a small rebate applicable only to owners of vehicles. What about those among us who don’t own a vehicle? We suffer too!

SMEs have started to shutdown as a result of this price increase. Where are these workers going to find new jobs in the meantime?

We have a clear message, a plan that Malaysia will be saved. We all must increase our efforts to spread this message to others!

S.Musliadi (11.08 pm)

(Chegubard introduced this man as the former UMNO Deputy Chief of Taman Widuri Indah Branch, Parliament Rembau)

I had my roots in UMNO Wangsa Maju. Back in 1998 I felt that without UMNO there would be nobody to defend the rights of Malays. In 2008 I felt that I could no longer defend UMNO.

I see nothing wrong with mixing with PKR or PAS members in order to serve the people. Isn’t that we are here to do, to help others? Yet I was criticised for my behaviour.

I am not someone that is looking for money, but a person of character interested in speaking the truth and in helping others. That is why I left UMNO to join PKR.

Closing (11.15 pm)

After the last speaker concluded, Nurul Izzah worked her way thru the crowd greeting residents and left promptly. I stayed awhile to chat up some other people before leaving myself. While there was no surprising information mentioned tonight, I think it was good that there was no police intimidation at the new venue and the turnout was quite alright.

The audience (click to zoom in)

The audience (click to zoom in)

Ronnie Liu giving his speech

Ronnie Liu giving his speech


Far left: Chegubard, Far right: S.Musliadi

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July 12, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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