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Augustine Paul’s Passing

I was surprised to learn of Judge Augustine Paul’s death this morning. I didn’t think much of it and felt nothing. It isn’t like I knew the man after all. I only knew him as the judge who sentenced Anwar to prison, and his involvement in other high profile cases was unknown to me.

I don’t get it. After he sentenced Anwar he walked freely around the neighbourhood, all alone, and nobody assaulted him (in retaliation for his judgment). In my naiveté I thought the nation saw him as a pawn, a small fish, not worth taking revenge on.

Yet now that he is dead I see all these postings online expressing joy, thanking God and so on for his death.

It was worse when I saw activists I knew expressing the same feelings. There is a dark vengeful side to them that I wasn’t aware of.

He was not the evil dictator of a downtrodden country. He was not a mass murderer. He was not a terrorist mastermind. Truly, are there not better villains out there to hate? Why take joy in someone’s death?

Having read these postings I feel sad now for his family, knowing that their father’s name is being cursed now and possibly for years to come. I feel sad to see the lack of humanity among Malaysians online, and among the ranks of Malaysian activists fighting for justice and peace.

You know what would have made me happy? If he had made a death-bed confession admitting to the corruption charges that people assume he is guilty of. If he done that and named the person(s) involved in said corrupt judgments. Who knows, if PR had taken over the Federal Government he might have worked out a plea bargain to deliver the bigger crooks to justice? It’s not like he can come forward now when the crooks are free to make his family disappear.

He’s dead now so we’ll never know what might have been.

 As it stands now his death served no good. It has given grief to his family and friends and short-lived joy to his accusers.

Does his passing on mean that the Judiciary is no longer corrupt? Does it undo any damage he has done to victims of his judgments?

No, it does not.

I’m sure some of the people dancing with joy now will realise that the next time the courts make a ruling that is deemed unfair. I hope they realise then that ultimately, revenge is not rewarding.

To think I’m friends with some of these people. Ugh.


The Star: Judge Augustine Paul dies at 66 (link)

The Star: Judge Augustine Paul laid to rest (link)

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January 3, 2010 at 10:15 pm

R.I.P. AK57 Avatar

The Malay Mail today (20th February 2008) ran a front page story regarding a book published about Sharlinie. Curious I looked thru it and what did I find but the image I used as this blog’s avatar (online persona):


This picture that took a fair amount of time for me to create 😦 Apparently the author stole this image and used it to make a disrespectful poster of Sharlinie, Nurin and their kidnapper. Since Malay Mail had been unable to find out the author’s real name and contact, I went down to their office to straighten things out. Last thing I want is for some reader to contact them, pass them the link to this website and give them (and police) the impression that I had anything to do with the book. I looked through it myself and thankfully it was entirely in BM and contained no translation of my blog postings on Nurin.

I hereby state that I had nothing to do with the book. The only connection I have is the piece of artwork above, stolen by the author. I have removed this image from this blog, however it was used in all my previous comics where it remains, as removing them would be far too time consuming.

I hope the parents lodge a police report against the author, and the police catch him.

Update 7.42 AM

Wow, Malay Mail sure pulled a fast one on me. Not only did they print my name though I repeatedly told them not to, they put words in my mouth! I’ll let the fake statements slide since it is a tabloid, but why put my name? Thankfully they did not run my picture or the URL of this site. I would go down to the office to tell them off, but there isn’t much point to it since they are free to print what they like. So I can only say:

Don’t trust the Malay Mail to respect your privacy. Also, don’t give them your real name if you can.

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February 21, 2008 at 3:10 am

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Fictitious Acts

Video clip probe: Source of recording to be given protection

KUALA KANGSAR: The probe into the “Linggam” video clip will come to a dead end if the witnesses who can verify it do not come forward, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said.

“Without their co-operation, how can we attest to the recording’s authenticity?” the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said yesterday.

Nazri, who is in charge of law, guaranteed that the witnesses would be accorded full government protection, including a change of identities if necessary.

He said cover for informants was provided for under the Witness Protection Bill tabled recently in parliament.

He said the bill provided protection for witnesses so that their identities could be kept a secret, including administrative and other operations necessary to effect changes in their personal details.

The bill places witness provisions under various statutes, such as the Prevention of Corruption Act and Anti-Money Laundering Act, under a single ambit.

– quoted from an article published in NST on 8th October 2007 (link)

Nazri: New identity can be arranged for whistleblower

KUALA KANGSAR: A new identity or even new look can be arranged for the person or persons who took the controversial video of a prominent lawyer allegedly brokering the appointment of judges, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz.

He said such measures were defined under the Witness Protection Act to ensure the person’s identity was protected.

“Under the Act, they will not only be protected but can also undergo (plastic) surgery to change their look,” he told reporters after handing out duit raya and goodies to old folks in Lubuk Merbau here yesterday.

– quoted from an article published in The Star on 8th October 2007 (link)

More attempts to lure Whistle Blower out into the open. First lure was protection, now its protection + new face? Will the next offer from Nazri be a reward for information regarding Whistle Blower’s identity?

Nazri has made a big mistake though :

No Witness Protection Act, say Bar Council, Param

PETALING JAYA (Oct 8, 2007): What Witness Protection Act? That was the question the legal fraternity was asking Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz today.

Nazri had mentioned the “Act” yesterday when he said the person who took the controversial video clip of a lawyer’s phone conversation with a “Datuk” would be given full protection, including, possibly, a new identity.

The Bar Council said there is no such legislation. Its president, Ambiga Sreenevasan, said the council had never heard of such an Act on witness protection and even if there is one, it did not know its scope.

“Although Section 53 of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 provides some form of protection, it is not to the extent mentioned by the minister,” she told theSun.
– quoted from an article published in The Sun on 9th October 2007 (link)

Wow. Not only did he name an Act that does not exist, but he also gave details about it as though it were real! A kind of screwup like this deserves a reprimand, but somehow I don’t think he will get one 😦

Instead he has chosen to blame his press secretary, and indirectly, the media as well:

What I meant: Nazri

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz agreed that a Witness Protection Act did not exist in Malaysia. He said he had got his press secretary to inform the press to correct his statement on Sunday but it was not done.

“The government is looking to enact a law to protect whistle-blowers, there is a need for such a law,” he said in a phone interview.

Nazri said when he spoke to reporters on Sunday, he was referring to all available Acts in the country that offered some protection to witnesses, like the Anti-Corruption Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence of Child Witness Act and Anti-Trafficking In Persons Act.

He said he had asked his press secretary to inform the press to clarify his statement, but no clarification has been made.

– quoted from an article published in The Sun on 9th October 2007 (link)

This is pathetic sir, you mentioned an Act, saying it was tabled in parliament recently and gave details on it – this is not a slip of the tongue! NST, The Sun and The Star all ran articles on what he originally said too – if it was just one paper then it would be easier to say it was a mistake. I wonder if he rationalises his behaviour by thinking something like this:

I made something up yesterday and got caught. Fortunately my press secretary is to blame because he/she did not clarify my statement to the media. I am not responsible for the lack of action on the part of my press secretary or the media, so the blame is with them, not me. Everyone seems to like this idea of a Witness Protection Act though, so I’ll publicly announce my support for it.

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October 9, 2007 at 7:26 am

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Not Enough Police

Police: 80% of crimes committed by Malaysians

(cut)..“In reality, foreigners are only responsible for about 20% of the crime in the country, “ said the select committee chairman Datuk Dr Wan Hashim Wan Teh.

“It is true that the crime rate has increased in the country although there are areas where it has gone down,” he added.

He was speaking to reporters after top police officers and heads of departments of the force came before the 11-member select committee to give their side of the story on public complaints of the rising crime rate in the country.

Dr Wan Hashim said that the committee was told that the force was really short handed with a ratio of one policeman to 500 to 1,000 people, far below the ideal of 1:250.

“It is impossible to combat crime with that kind of ratio,” he said.

He added that it was natural for the crime rate to rise in the face of population growth and an influx of foreign workers, but without a commensurate growth in the police force. 

He said that while the Government had agreed to recruit an additional 60,000 policemen over the next five years, “this would take a long time.” 

(cut)..Deputy director of Internal Security and Public Order SAC (I) Datuk Jamaludin Khalid said that 2,000 to 3,000 policemen retired each year, and even with 60,000 new cops it would still not be enough.

“It takes time. Policemen have to be trained. You can’t pluck them off trees or go to the market to buy them like fish!” he said.

– quoted from an article published in The Star on 4th October 2007 (link)

DAP: Recruit 120,000 to 150,000 cops immediately
PETALING JAYA (Oct 5, 2007): The DAP today demanded that 120,000 to 150,000 policmen be recruited to increase the police to population ratio to 1:250 to effectively combat crime and ensure the four basic rights of security to live, work, study and play in a safe and secure environment.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said: “We are shocked by federal Internal Security and Public Order deputy director Senior Assistant Commissioner I Datuk Jamaludin Khalid’s admission that the government’s intentions to increase 60,000 policemen were inadequate in reducing the increasing crime rate in the country.

Jamaluddin had told the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity that 60,000 extra policemen were inadequate as the present ratio of 1 police officer to between 500 and 1,000 people should be increased to 1:250.

Furthermore he doubted whether the 60,000 figure can be filled in the targeted five years because of the retirement rate of 2,000 to 3,000 policemen annually. He also said that 80% of crimes were committed by locals and not foreign workers as presumed by Malaysians.

“Whether crime was committed by foreign workers or locals, the point is that the police must solve such crimes and nab these criminals. The police’s failure to do so has resulted in a deteriorating crime situation in Malaysia that continues to shock Malaysians with the audacity of criminals to even break into the homes of former Inspector-General of Police Tun Hanif Omar and Tan Sri Norian Mai recently.”

(cut)..”What is more worrying is the increased incidence of rape. In the first seven months of this year, there were 1,814 cases of rape compared with 1,362 for the corresponding period last year – an increase of 33%. This works out to 8.6 cases of rape per day in the first seven months of this year as compared with four cases a day in 2003 and 6.7 cases a day last year – another shocking index of the worsening crime and fear-of-crime, bearing in mind the high percentage of unreported cases of crime. ,” said Lim in a statement today.

He said about nine women are raped every day in Malaysia, an unacceptable statistic for a civilised nation that is both horrifying and repugnant. Malaysians are sick and tired of reading news headlines of young girls being raped, mutilated and killed.

“The police must give priority to reducing rapes by at least 50% for the next six months,” he added.

– quoted from an article published in The Sun on 5th October 2007 (link)

DAP does not seem to understand what was said by Datuk Jamaludin Khalid yesterday :

  1. The current ratio of police officers to people is 1:500-1000
  2. To combat crime this needs to be increased to at least 1:250
  3. That means more than doubling the size of the current police force
  4. The government target to recruit an additional 60,000 would take time and that figure is inadequate

DAP’s reaction? Recruit 120,000 to 150,000 cops immediately. Huh? That’s…I really can’t understand what they are thinking. These are trained police officers that we need, not cashiers. The only way the government can increase the number of expected hires is to increase the attractiveness of the job being offered. Perks, higher pay, etc. which would backfire in a (hopefully) small way when the public complains about corrupt inefficient police officers being given pay rises. In any case training takes time – as stated, adding another 60,000 cops would take maybe five years. The only way to satisfy DAP would be to hire mercenaries!

To top it off they cite rape statistics and say that the police must reduce rapes by 50% for the next six months. Did DAP just miss out the explanation that there are not enough cops to protect the people? Ok admittedly that is not an impossible request, let me describe the problem like this (warning more sarcasm ahead) :

You have two square kilometres of land filled with roaming sheep and two shepherds. The sheperds’ job is to make sure the sheep don’t get attacked by roaming wolves or poachers. The shepherds have guns but that is an impossible amount of land for them to cover. What are ways to enhance the safety of the sheep?

1. Invest in tracking technology for the shepherds to use

Give them binoculars, walkie talkies, GPS devices (to track each other) and PDAs (to take notes). Unfortunately that requires a fair amount of money.

The more extreme step would be to install cameras all over the land. Nobody likes Big Brother.

2. Restrict the movement of the sheep

Make certain zones of the land non-sheep zones, either on a permanent or temporary basis. This would reduce the ground that needs to be covered. This might just involve fencing in certain areas or purposely making some routes less appealing to travel in.

The more extreme step would be not allowing any sheep to roam the land during certain hours. That’s called a curfew, something which no human citizen would tolerate. Of course the cops could just practise an informal curfew by harassing any sheep they see roaming from 2-5 a.m. Eventually they would ‘get it’ and decide not to roam during those hours.

People don’t like having their freedom taken away from them.

3. Enlist the help of locals

Get some local lads to help keep an eye out and report anything suspicious. Of course the downside to this is that there’ll be a lot of false positives, which eat up the shepherds’ time. That’s what happens when there is no time or budget for training.

4. Provide additional training for shepherds

Tracking skills, gun accuracy, sheep handling – all things which take up time and money. Plus who is going to watch the sheep while the shepherds are out training?

Ok that’s all for now, as amusing as that was the reality is that the budget allottment for the police has to be increased. Out of the options available, investing in technology and getting limited help from locals seem feasible. But what about the rampant corruption in the police force? That budget increase would run out very fast.

I’ll write a more serious post next time this issue comes up in the papers, since I have done some research on Crime Analysis and Prevention. Just felt like writing something cheery given all the unpleasant news I’ve been reading these past couple weeks 🙂

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October 6, 2007 at 3:47 am

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Caged girl

SEREMBAN: Police have rescued a 7-year-old girl who was kept in an iron cage allegedly by her mother at their home in Seremban 2.

According to a source, police received a call from a neighbour on Saturday morning, saying that he saw the girl caged since midnight.

A patrol team rushed to the house in Vision Homes, Seremban 2, and freed the girl about 10am on Saturday.

However, they did not make any arrest as no report had been lodged.

The police later returned the girl to the mother with strong caution against such cruel behaviour.

The girl was allegedly caged as a form of “punishment”.

Yesterday, the police decided to lodge their own report and went back to the house to pick up the girl before sending her to Seremban Hospital for a medical check-up….

– quoted from an article published in NST on 24th September 2007 (link)

Keeping a child locked in a cage is very cruel behaviour. The state should have prosecuted the child’s mother. When this story broke I was glad the child was freed immediately. But learning now that the child was then returned to the mother, all I can say is WTF is going on with the police? Strong caution against cruel behaviour? No one in their right mind would tolerate such goings-on in their community. I wonder what the neighbours did after the child was returned, I hope they at least kept an eye on the house. Due to police incompetence, the child who must have thought she was saved had to spend one more night alone with her cruel mother.

Obviously no report had been lodged because the victim was a child. Maybe the state prosecuter is at fault for not filing charges on her behalf immediately. I can’t say for sure. I do hope the child is adopted by a more caring family and the mother sent to prison – some people just aren’t qualified to be parents 😦

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September 25, 2007 at 2:40 am

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