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A change of educator

One semester at The Institute, a foreigner started teaching my class. His accent was difficult to understand for most of the class, mainly because they were all Smurfs* and had less experience dealing with a non-Smurf such as this foreigner, or dealing with non-Smurfs in general. I could understand the foreigner just fine though, being a non-Smurf myself or having more experience with non-Smurfs.

The Smurfs in the class were very upset though. They wanted him fired right after the first lesson. Talk about intolerance! Just one lesson and they want him out? Give the foreigner a chance, get used to his accent, at least try! It was a bit scary for me to be a non-Smurf surrounded by a crowd of angry Smurfs. To make it worse I was in the same room as a group of these Smurfs met to discuss ‘what to do’ about the foreigner. It was an enlightening conversation for me to overhear, as I had known these people for a couple of years.

Smurf A : What should we do about this teacher?

Smurf B : We should complain to the administration, get the teacher replaced by a local.

Smurf A : But what guarantee do we have that the local will be better?

Smurf C : If he’s local, then he’ll be a Smurf!

All the Smurfs nodded and agreed that yes, a local would be good because it would be a Smurf like them. I on the other hand was shocked. Local equals Smurf? Huh? All of them thought like that? Gosh, they were so racist that they could not even consider that a local non-Smurf would be teaching them.


During the semester, the students gave the foreigner a very bad attitude, to which said foreigner responded with a bad attitude too. Can’t blame that person really, having to deal with a roomful of intolerant students. They even pulled some nasty pranks on the teacher and eventually got their way. After the semester was over the teacher quit. The following semester the subject was taught by a local Smurf.

*Note : Smurf is being used instead of Malay, Chinese, Indian etc.

Written by ak57

September 24, 2007 at 12:57 am

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