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Elite Bullies To Be Trained

Rela plans elite squad

PETALING JAYA (5 NOV, 2007) : Partly to assuage public complaints and concerns about alleged abuse of power by some Rela officers, efforts are under way to form an elite squad from the ranks of the People’s Volunteer Corps. What exactly will the elite squad do?

Its members will be trained know how to examine legal identification documents properly and be given enforcement background, Rela’s director general of Rela Datuk Zaidon Asmuni said. They will also be trained to be more proficient in English, and be more polite and diplomatic when dealing with foreign workers. Zaidon said Rela had almost half a million members, out of which 100,000 were active members.

He said the elite squad will be selected from these 100,000 active members. He said the elite squad will be a pilot project in Kuala Lumpur, involving four districts – Dang Wangi, Brickfields, Cheras and Gombak. Each district will have one elite squad to deal with foreign workers, he told theSun when contacted last week. “The elite squad must know how to communicate in English, be more polite and diplomatic in checking the passports,” Zaidon said when commenting on Home Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad’s remarks to Bernama on Oct 28, that the government was planning to set up a Rela elite squad to be at the forefront in handling certain cases.

The minister also said the government was conducting a survey on the plan to upgrade the volunteer movement into a department under the ministry. Asked if the elite squad will be given special training, Zaidon said all Rela members had undergone basic training at training centres. “We are now in the process of deciding what type of courses to be given to the elite squad,” he said, adding the training will include how to examine the passports or legal documents of foreign nationals, and strengthening the officers’ communication skills.

An amendment in February 2005 allows Rela members to detain and arrest illegal immigrants, and carry out their operations without having to be accompanied either by the police or immigration officers. Asked about the negative public perception of and complaints against Rela members for allegedly being heavy handed or abusing their power, Zaidon said: “I admit six months after we were given power, there were so many negative issues about Rela.”

However, he said, in every enforcement division, there would always be one or two bad hats. He said the public can lodge a police report against Rela members and action can be taken if they were found to have committed an offence, including being charged in court if there is sufficient evidence.

“[With only] one or two people committing an offence and the people are asking the government to ban Rela. It is not fair.” Zaidon also welcomed the proposal to upgrade Rela into a department, which would make it easier for it to obtain funding and organise itself as well as its training. “It will be better to be recognised as a department as we do operations and raiding.”

– quoted from an article published in The Sun on 5th November 2007 (link)

Given what the Director General of RELA said, all RELA members are :

  1. not trained in how to identify legal identification documents properly
  2. not polite
  3. not diplomatic
  4. not proficient in English

BUT they have been empowered since 2005 to detain and arrest immigrants without being accompanied by police or immigration officers. Yes I mean ‘immigrants’, not ‘illegal immigrants’ because they are unable to identify passports properly and so are therefore unable to differentiate legal immigrants from illegals. More than two years of bullies in our streets, and this is the government response – to train a small number of them.

One or two bad hats did not commit all the RELA related atrocities in our country. Why is it that only elite squads (a minority) will be given what should be considered basic training? RELA’s main duty is to help reduce the number of illegal immigrants in our country and they are not trained to do so.

It is like hiring a bunch of apple pickers and not telling them what an apple is or how to differentiate it from other fruits (knowing full well they have no idea), then letting them run loose.

RELA is flawed by design and should be banned – 100,000 members who are little more than armed thugs. Are they our nation’s biggest gang?

A good report by Al Jazeera on Rela can be found here. Do yourself a favor and do some research on your own about RELA and their crimes.

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November 10, 2007 at 1:38 am

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