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Cloverlingam Announcement

Given that this Lingam video and subsequent events have taken up all my blogging time, I figured I might as well make the most of all the articles I have gathered. So I will be working on a spoof animation:

Update (4.45pm) : After hearing that Badawi dissolved Parliament the same day he announced in the papers he would not, I have decided to let go documenting the Lingam RC proceedings to focus blogging more on elections. Will resume end of March.

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February 13, 2008 at 6:53 am

Evil Not Officially Recognised

Just a few more days of reading to do about RC proceedings – hurrah!

Terms of Reference

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February 6, 2008 at 7:18 pm

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Spartan Rejection

Still swamped with work, figured I’d side track a bit and do a VK Lingam related comic 🙂 Enjoy!

Lingam Deals #1

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January 31, 2008 at 1:26 am

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Lazar’s Response to Lingam

An outrageous lie, claims Lazar

KUALA LUMPUR: Calling it an attempt to discredit him, lawyer Robert Lazar hit out at Datuk V.K. Lingam for alleging that he had lobbied for a position as an appellate judge.

“It’s an outrageous lie,” the senior partner with Messrs Shearn Delamore & Co told the inquiry yesterday.

Lazar, 50, was given the chance to answer allegations made against him the previous day that he had sought Lingam’s help in arranging a meeting with former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s son, Mirzan.

Lingam had told the inquiry that Lazar was “desperate” in wanting a seat at the Court of Appeal.

In his 20-minute testimony yesterday, a calm and collected Lazar said Lingam’s allegations were intended to discredit him during the inquiry.

“It was also an attempt to disqualify me as a representative of the Malaysian Bar in this inquiry. It was an attack on my credibility as a lawyer.”

Questioned by Malaysian Bar counsel Yeo Yang Poh, Lazar said he had no reason to abandon his career to seek a judicial post.

“At that time (in early 2000), I was 43 years old and had no reason to abandon my legal career of more than 20 years.”

He said the “request” to Lingam never arose in whatever manner.

Lingam had alleged he had a drink with Lazar when the latter allegedly asked him if he could ask Mirzan for the favour as Lingam was then representing the former premier’s son in a case.

“I categorically deny I had a drink with Lingam at any time,” said Lazar.

Lingam’s council, R. Thayalan, however, pressed on during cross-examination.

“I would suggest to you and based on Lingam’s sworn testimony that you had a drink at the Seng Nam Restaurant, here, where you asked him to speak to Dr Mahathir through Mirzan for the position.”

Lazar denied this, adding that the conversation did not take place.

– quoted from an article published in NST on 30th January 2008 (link)

Thayalan’s mention of Seng Nam Restaurant is interesting since it could mean that Lingam has some proof that the conversation took place. Somehow I don’t think this allegation against Lazar will come up again however, it was just an attack and nothing more. But wait, Lingam did achieve something with his slander:

  1. Wasted the RC’s time (the more time spent being sidetracked the better, I suspect they have an internal cut-off date)
  2. Wasted column inches in the newspapers
  3. Wasted my time documenting this accusation + denial

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January 30, 2008 at 10:36 pm

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Ahmad Fairuz Testifies to the RC Part 2

Ahmad Fairuz was questioned again by lawyers at the RC yesterday, strangely enough it was mostly a repeat of what he had said the day before. The following articles were published on 30th January 2008:

NST (link)
The Star (link)

The Star’s article proved more interesting. Fairuz stated it was improper for a lawyer and judge to go on holiday together. Wee Choo Keong also got to confront Fairuz, I wonder how it feels to confront the man who prevented him from becoming MP?

Wee continued with his question on the election petition filed to nullify him as the MP for Bukit Bintang in 1995.

He pointed out that if Ahmad Fairuz had decided based on facts and law, why was it that he singularly elected a losing candidate – Dr Lee Chong Meng – to fill the vacancy left by him (Wee) when there were two other people listed as petitioners.

Wee: That’s why Lingam said you suffered so much.

Haidar: The question has been answered. He already said the decision was based on facts and law.

Wee: I’m asking a few questions. Why Tan Sri finds it so difficult? I’m going to ask him a few questions and then I’m going to sit down.

Haidar: Based on my experience sitting here for the last 10 days …

Wee (smiling): I thought we made up already, Tan Sri?

Haidar (also smiling): Be careful with your choice of words (amid laughter).

To Wee’s earlier question, Ahmad Fairuz said he could not remember whether there were two other petitioners besides Dr Lee.

Wee: I say that there are three candidates.

Ahmad Fairuz: If you say so.

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January 30, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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Vincent Tan Testifies to the RC

Tan Sri Vincent Tan took the witness stand yesterday. The following related articles were published on 30th January 2008:

NST (link)
The Star (link)


  1. First knew Lingam in the 1970s during his tenure as unit manager at American International Assurance
  2. Lost touch with Lingam then renewed it when Lingam represented him in legal matters
  3. Described Lingam as a diligent lawyer
  4. His relationship with Lingam was not very close
  5. Stated that the man in the video looks like Lingam and sounds like Lingam but not 100% sure it is him
  6. Did not bother to lodge a police report over the clip as he was busy and it was pointless
  7. Did not know if Lingam or Eusoff Chin had numbers registered with Digi
  8. Denied influencing Tun Mahathir to appoint Tun Ahmad Fairuz as President of The Court of Appeal
  9. First knew Dr Mahathir in the early 1980s when he brought McDonald’s to Malaysia
  10. First met Tengku Adnan sometime in the 1980s or 1990s via a member of the Pahang royal family
  11. Will be re-evaluating his professional relationship with Lingam

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January 30, 2008 at 10:07 pm

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Ahmad Fairuz Testifies to the RC

Ahmad Fairuz took the witness stand yesterday. The following related articles were published on 29 January 2008:

It was not me talking to Lingam (link)

The Star
Former CJ: I did not call Lingam (link)

Video clip related statements

  1. Viewed the video on his former secretary’s computer but it was not clear and kept breaking (most likely streaming – ak57)
  2. Was given a copy of the news article and transcript of the video on the evening of 19 September 2007, by his former secretary
  3. Felt it was defamatory but claimed it was a fabrication and the man speaking was trying to impress his listeners
  4. Had written to the PM, DPM and Nazri on the allegation and his position.
  5. Did not lodge a police report when the video clip was posted online last year because the news portal revealed that a report would be lodged with ACA and Bar Council
  6. Did not want to file a defamation suit as newspaper articles did not name him as the person speaking to Lingam
  7. Was not the man speaking to Lingam and the contents of the transcript were false, and just a monologue
  8. Did not respond to reporters as he did not want to jeopardise ACA investigations
  9. Did not know Lingam’s number and had never given his mobile number to him
  10. Had not met or contacted Lingam after September 19, 2007
  11. Could not identify Lingam in the video clip, but said the voice was similar

Corruption related statements

  1. Knew Lingam, Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan thru functions and official business
  2. Had only met VK Lingam once or twice in court and once at the PM’s residence
  3. Never had a meeting with Lingam, Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan to secure his appointment as President of the Court of Appeal and Chief Justice
  4. Never sought the help of Tengku Adnan and Vincent Tan through VK Lingam to confirm his position as President of the Court of Appeal
  5. Never made a plan or pact between himself, Lingam, Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan to secure his appointment as President of the Court of Appeal and Chief Justice at any time
  6. Does not know if Dzaiddin ever recommended Abdul Malek Ahmad as CJ
  7. Denied calling Lingam to thank him for his efforts in securing his job position

Nothing surprising to me here really, he gave ok answers explaining his silence to the public after the clip was released. Why did nobody ask about the day Nazri spoke on his behalf though? Fairuz could have released a statement saying he is maintaining his silence until the ACA investigation is completed, that seems safe enough whether he is guilty or innocent. Maybe Fairuz is just arrogant and doesn’t care about public view of the Chief Justice? *shrugs*

The ‘news portal’ is Malaysiakini by the way, NST has yet to acknowledge its existence directly. Reading NST and Star can be quite amusing as both are controlled by the government. If you read the Star article they mentioned Malaysiakini specifically. I’m not sure when they started though, I rarely read The Star as I have never read anything it that was not biased towards the government.

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January 29, 2008 at 10:57 pm