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Out Goes WAWI, In Comes DSAI

Well this was a bit of a surprise, here I was thinking that Anwar would be contesting in Kulim (or maybe kick out Loh Gwo Burne in Kelana Jaya heh). But whether Permatang Pauh was his intended choice all along we’ll never know.

My first reaction was sadness, as Wan Azizah does not get the respected as PKR President both by the media and even within the party. Its always been Anwar Ibrahim, even recently foreign media referred to him as Opposition Leader. However it is nice that he is returning to Permatang Pauh, as it was his original seat.

After some mulling I came to the conclusion that since Wan Azizah has been keeping the party going in her husband’s absence for so many years, she deserves a break, at least until the next election 🙂 She is prevented from running for a certain number of years as she resigned though, its in the Federal Constitution. I hope now that she’s a bit more free she can help tutor all the new ADUNs and MPs we have.

There’s a press conference by her due to start soon, but unfortunately I have to skip it – PKR and non-PKR work has been piling up 😦

Is Wan Azizah the shortest-lived Opposition Leader we have ever had in Parliament?

Written by ak57

July 31, 2008 at 6:52 pm