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Elizabeth Wong @ Kg Sg Kayu Ara Selatan Flats

Elizabeth Wong Speaking to ReportersThere was a press conference held at 11.10 AM today in the lobby of the flat along Jalan Cempaka in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara (I forget the name, its the tallest flat in the area). Elizabeth Wong and Sivarasa Rasiah along with a few prominent residents of the flat were there to inform the media of the problems faced by the flat residents, among which were:

  • a lack of CF (Certificate of Fitness)
  • a high maintenance rate to be paid by residents (RM70/month, far too high for a low cost flat)
  • non-working lifts
  • poor maintenance of the flats itself
  • misuse of the land surrounding the flat, most obvious of which was the construction of a shopping complex next to it instead of amenities for the residents

The residents had previously complained to their current State Assembly rep, Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying but to date she had only listened to their complaints yet taken no action. Also worth noting was the ownership of the company that developed the land by UMNO (council?) members. The names of the registered owners of the company (Antaravista Sdn Bhd) were given to the press, along with a number of other related documents. Elizabeth Wong pledged to help the residents solve these problems once elected as their representative.

Elizabeth Wong and Sivarasa Rasiah Speaking to Reporters

I spoke to one of the local residents (Nasir Hj Jaini), who informed me that the residents had been complaining about these issues since before the 2004 election, so it is clearly a case of negligence on the part of Yong Dai Ying. He also said the flat was around 6 years old, though that might be misunderstanding on my part (my command of Bahasa Malaysia is rather poor)…the flats must be very badly maintained indeed because they look more than a decade old.

It surprised me that the Bilik Gerakan MIC is at a ground floor lot of the flat itself, given the obvious dislike the residents must have for their non-functioning representative. When asked what the previous 2004 Opposition candidate had pledged to do, he could not remember – the impression given was that said candidate did not have the time to meet the residents and discuss their problems.

Group Photo of Elizabeth Wong, Sivarasa Rasiah and residents of the flat
(click for larger version)
Sivarasa Rasiah speaking to reporters

Written by ak57

March 1, 2008 at 11:54 pm