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Sometimes I use terms I cook up on my own for my posts. This page should help with any confusion.

  1. Bunnie – A person associated with Barisan Nasional. Usually prefixed with the word loyal or disloyal e.g. The PM is a loyal Bunnie.
  2. Smurf – A placeholder for any time  I need to specify a race. I don’t want to promote any form of racism on this site so when needed, Smurf will be used instead of Malay/Chinese/Indian/etc.
  3. The Institute – A reference to any one of the educational institutes where I studied, be it secondary school, college or university. I chose this term so as to avoid any conflict with former school/college/university mates.
  4. Gargamel’s – A placeholder for a certain type of race or religion dominated restaurant, e.g. Malay/Chinese/Indian/Muslim. When used in a story with Smurfs, Gargamel’s refers to a race other than the one used for Smurf. Smurfs not eating at a Gargamel’s may mean Malays not eating at an Indian restaurant, or Chinese not eating at a Malay restaurant but not Malays not eating at a Malay restaurant.

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September 24, 2007 at 4:59 am

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