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R.I.P. AK57 Avatar

The Malay Mail today (20th February 2008) ran a front page story regarding a book published about Sharlinie. Curious I looked thru it and what did I find but the image I used as this blog’s avatar (online persona):


This picture that took a fair amount of time for me to create 😦 Apparently the author stole this image and used it to make a disrespectful poster of Sharlinie, Nurin and their kidnapper. Since Malay Mail had been unable to find out the author’s real name and contact, I went down to their office to straighten things out. Last thing I want is for some reader to contact them, pass them the link to this website and give them (and police) the impression that I had anything to do with the book. I looked through it myself and thankfully it was entirely in BM and contained no translation of my blog postings on Nurin.

I hereby state that I had nothing to do with the book. The only connection I have is the piece of artwork above, stolen by the author. I have removed this image from this blog, however it was used in all my previous comics where it remains, as removing them would be far too time consuming.

I hope the parents lodge a police report against the author, and the police catch him.

Update 7.42 AM

Wow, Malay Mail sure pulled a fast one on me. Not only did they print my name though I repeatedly told them not to, they put words in my mouth! I’ll let the fake statements slide since it is a tabloid, but why put my name? Thankfully they did not run my picture or the URL of this site. I would go down to the office to tell them off, but there isn’t much point to it since they are free to print what they like. So I can only say:

Don’t trust the Malay Mail to respect your privacy. Also, don’t give them your real name if you can.

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February 21, 2008 at 3:10 am

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